Event Protection

Make sure your event runs smoothly - with us as a partner.

We work with you to develop a suitable security concept.

Our solutions for effective event protection are discreet and reputable and ensure that your event runs smoothly. You focus on the event, we take care of security.
Event protection has become an important point for organizers of all types of events. Good event protection is characterized by careful planning of the event, with us you are choosing the right partner. We will discuss all points with you and coordinate the upcoming event with you. A good partner is essential to guarantee maximum security. Many years of experience and constant controls and further training of our staff ensure first-class cooperation with our customers.

We protect customers, guests, employees, visitors and property items of the objects with the highest level of competence, commitment and a sense of responsibility.

We know about the responsibility that comes with taking over event protection. Thanks to a close cooperation with a recognized educational center, we are able to respond to short-term personnel requirements as quickly as possible. Employees can be fully trained within a very short time (approx. Five weeks). These include the expert examination according to § 34a GewO, as well as training as a first and fire protection assistant.

In addition, we employ a master for protection and security, who holds a management position in an industry-leading security company, also lectures at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, sits on various examination boards and is always available to us as a consultant. This enables us to create an individual and tailored security concept for our customers in the planning phase with the know-how and concentrated expertise in the systematic and comprehensive analysis, and to coordinate with the customer. This concept answers all important questions regarding the future security of the event: type, scope, procedural instructions, technology, powers and immediate measures in the event of malfunctions and emergencies. The security concept created in close cooperation defines and organizes the complete security of the event to be protected, which is then available to the security staff and you as service instructions. This includes checking emergency exits in advance, clearly marking escape routes and guaranteeing free access to the outside. At open-air events, well-signposted emergency routes should lead to various collection points. All of these are tasks that we do for you. So you can concentrate on your planning of the event.

The personal introduction of the employees to you as the client (before their first assignment) is a matter of course for us. Apart from the qualifications to be fulfilled individually for your event, the following minimum requirements are generally met by all security staff:
Only professionally trained and reliable personnel are used and controlled by property managers. It must be able to meet the requirements both physically and mentally.

We are aware that the security staff employed by you embody the direct representatives of your company with their external impact, through professional and human competence, and of course also with the external appearance. In this context, human resources (selection and recruitment criteria, qualification, further education, etc.) is of considerable importance to us.
Our attractive service clothing supports the professional and well-groomed appearance of our security personnel. In addition, KMS Security security staff receive a service ID card with a photo, which they always keep open with them during the service.

The decision for KMS Security goes hand in hand with high competence and performance for the greatest possible security, as well as for the committed, trustful and perfect implementation of common goals.


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