For your safety

The KMS Security team ensures security in all situations.
So you have your head clear for the important things.

Asylum Housing Guarding

We protect residents, employees and property items of the objects with the highest level of competence, commitment and responsibility.

Plant Protection

Experienced GSSK maintain order and security in your operations to avoid dangers and damage to businesses, employees & Avert visitors in the object.


At various events, our Regulation staff ensures that your events, parties, football games or parking lot management can take place in a regulated and orderly manner.

Fire Security Guard

Our fire guards ensure that there is no fire by eliminating fire loads and take countermeasures and Evacuations.

Security Position

Reliable securing of all employees is the core competence of our security posts, they are aware of your responsibility and act accordingly.

Personal Protection

Tailored to the respective threat situation, we guarantee the highest level of security without compromising privacy. Whether subtle or present.

Shop Detective

We protect your goods and department store and collect legally usable evidence against shoplifters.

District Protection

With our area and patrol service, we prevent damage to the property and react quickly and reliably to technical faults.

Reception service

The area of reception activity in the reception service is of course as diverse as the concerns that you bring to us.

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Our advantages

Easy and uncomplicated

Working as simply and stress-free as possible for all parties is important to us.


We fully meet your needs and work with you to find the optimal solution.

Always available

We are available around the clock 24/7 for your concerns and problems.

Trained & qualified personnel

Only professionally trained and reliable personnel are used and controlled by property managers. Our company is also an employer of two trained masters under german law for protection and security.

Why choose us?

With the increased need for security in society, the quantitative and, above all, qualitative requirements for the private security industry have increased significantly. Our team ensures security in all situations. So you have your head clear for the important things.

20+ years of experience in German security sector.

Experienced employees with many years of professional experience.

Quality, loyalty and credibility is our credo.

Always adapted to your needs and wishes.

Individually coordinated security concepts.

A small selection of satisfied customers

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